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WinDoorEX Middle East 2014 :

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Windoorex Middle East 2014, the 5th International Exhibition on Windows, Doors, Facades, Skylights and Curtain Wall Technology, Components and Prefabricated Units. Now in its 5th edition and continues to expand and attract thousands of potential visitors, and this year's event will confirm firmly to provide the only “one-stop” event in the entire Middle East, backed by media with a long term commitment to the region, and not just a “here today, gone tomorrow” approach.

Windoorex Middle East 2014 will come at a time when the MENA region will have emerged from a period of immense change. This has put MENA firmly back on the map as a destination in which the business environment has greatly improved, with many analysts marking it the region with the most potential in the remainder of the next decade.

The Middle East annual growth rate, the construction sector, which was estimated at around 20% from 2010 to 2014, will also benefit from the many hi-tech architectural projects in the works in the coming years. These projects are characterized by flawless design and refined materials. Further to the growth of domestic and

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